Friday, February 25, 2011

Apakah TDA8360 dapat diganti dengan TDA8361/62 ?

Pertanyaan :  Apakah TDA8360 dapat diganti dengan TDA8362/62?

Jawab :
  • TDA8360 dapat diganti dengan TDA8361 atau TDA8362. Tetapi sebaliknya TDA8361/62 tidak dapat diganti dengan TDA8360, sebab TDA8360 hanya dapat untuk PAL saja
  • TDA8361 dapat diganti dengan TDA8362 atau sebaliknya, karena keduanya dapat digunakan untuk PAL/NTSC
The TDA8360, TDA8361 and TDA8362 are single-chip TV processors which contain nearly all small signal functions that are required for a colour television receiver. For a complete receiver the following circuits need to be added: a base-band delay line (TDA4661), a tuner and output stages for audio, video and horizontal and vertical deflection. Because of the different functional contents of the ICs the set maker can make the optimum choice depending on the requirements for the receiver.
  • The TDA8360 is intended for simple PAL receivers (all PAL standards, including PAL-N and PAL-M are possible).
  • The TDA8361 contains a PAL/NTSC decoder and has an A/V switch.
  • For real multistandard applications the TDA8362 is available. In addition to the extra functions which are available in the TDA8361, the TDA8362 can handle signals with positive modulation and it supplies the signals which are required for the SECAM decoder TDA8395.
(Philips datasheet)

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